Birgit Behrens-Otto

Mobil / WhatsApp: +49 171 4403301

Get to know me            and my competence.

Birgit or Bo, as clients and friends call me, is your companion when exploring future possibilities for your team and your organization. Self-employed as business advisor since 1996, I am working with many different organizations of all sizes in various industries and countries who need a sparring-partner with a holistic view on their organisation.


Competence & Experience.

  • Academic education in history, linguistic & business
  • Artistic expression and sensing with head, heart and hand as a result of reform schooling
  • Certified EFQM Master Assessor and Assessment Team Leader
  • multi-lingual, culturally aware, open-minded
  • Eager to co-create the emerging future

Context design.

20th century business and society frameworks are fading away. Time to turn your attention to the emerging future! How can you support your team for the expedition into the unknown?


Longterm planning is useless in times of transformation. Put your energy into context design, internally and externally.