Take it digilogically!

Digital does not replace analog. Both signals are equivalent forms of communication in our reality. Analog signals transmit information completely and continuously, are not always easy to transmit and suffer from a loss of quality (e.g. yellowed photos). Digital signals transmit selected and choppy information, but are more easily transmitted and remain top quality (scanned photos).


Humans are analog beings.
They invented digital signals to secure and transport analog signals.

So, is digital replacing everything analog? Not at all! Think of a horse. For centuries, horses carried people and goods in carts or on their back over this planet. Did they vanish when motorized and digital solutions were invented? No, horses are still on this planet. Yet, their destiny that has changed - from business carrier to leisure time companion. Horse owners just have two options to send information, electronically or via horseback.  When do they go digital, when analog?

The magic word is context.

With the invention of digital signal transmission, analog did not leave the universe. Many things just change their destiny or are used in a different way. Let us be easy to try out what fits best in which context. Context design will help you.